Study Abroad Destinations

Studying in the United States or Canada offers incredible opportunities for personal and academic growth. Both countries are renowned for their world-class educational institutions and diverse cultures. Our schools are located in both countries. Here's why you should consider these destinations

Studying in the USA (Davis University, Toledo, Ohio)

Academic Excellence

Founded in 1858, Davis University continues to provide excellence in career training for many students in Toledo, Ohio. Davis University gives you the tools for a brighter future.

Research Opportunities

Access cutting-edge research facilities and collaborate with leading experts in your field.

Cultural Diversity

Experience a rich tapestry of cultures, making lifelong friends from around the world.

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Quality Education

EduGlobal College is a world-class learning destination that provides the skills and proficiencies needed for success at the university level of studies.

Work Opportunities

Benefit from post-graduation work permits and pathways to permanent residency.

Natural Beauty

Explore Canada's breathtaking landscapes, from mountains to coastlines.

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Studying in Canada (EduGlobal College, New Westminster, BC)