About Us

Welcome to EpicQuest Education South Asia & Middle East, your trusted regional partner on your academic journey. We are a dedicated branch of the parent company, EpicQuest Education Group International (NASDAQ: EEIQ), committed to providing exceptional educational services to students hailing from South Asia and the Middle East.

Our Story

EpicQuest Education South Asia & Middle East was founded with a singular vision – to facilitate access to quality education and empower students to reach their full potential. Recognizing the unique challenges and aspirations of students in South Asia and the Middle East, we established our regional office to cater specifically to their needs.

Our Commitment

At EpicQuest Education South Asia & Middle East, we understand that the pursuit of higher education abroad is a significant life decision. Our unwavering commitment is to support you at every step of this transformative journey. Our team of experienced counselors and advisors possesses an in-depth understanding of the South Asian and Middle Eastern educational landscape, as well as the nuances of studying in the USA and Canada.

Why Choose Us

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: to be the trusted companion of South Asian & Middle Eastern students as they embark on their academic journey abroad. We aspire to make the dream of studying in the United States and Canada a reality for all deserving students in this region.

Join Us on Your Epic Quest

We invite you to embark on your epic quest for knowledge, growth, and success with EpicQuest Education South Asia & Middle East. Let us be your partner in realizing your educational aspirations, and together, we will shape a brighter future

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